Evidence of experience in Business Analysis – gather needs and analysing information using comprehensive tools and techniques

Sam Hardy | Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

HEE required an ESR/TIS Bi-directional interface.

Our team gathered user-needs and analysed information:
-Identifying needs/performing gap-analysis, continually communicating iterative solution progress to the stakeholders; through JIRA.
-Gathering/refining business requirements from product-managers, legal, end-users, documentation and third-party suppliers by conducting interviews/workshops/questionnaires; documenting results on Confluence.
-Documenting requirements using BPMNL, Use-cases, User-stories and Activity-diagrams.
-Proposing multi-cost solution/options; providing clear recommendations.
-Designing business solutions.

This resulted in well understood requirements and identified root causes of issues; highlighting 10+ issues in the TIS/ESR interface. Action plans provided for resolving issues with the NHS removed the need for 1000s of manual interactions annually.


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