Drive outcomes making decision effectively while also considering the point of view of others

Sam Hardy | Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Our team led the HMRC team responsible for integrating multiple suppliers’ deliverables:
-Agreed goal/problem definition with stakeholders.
-Assessed user journeys/personas; in collaboration with other teams (Cap Gemini/Accenture/Equal Experts/In house).
-Identified client constraints; conducting cross team workshops; identifying overlaps/gaps across 4 value streams in SAFe programme/improvements/cost savings.
-Agreed cross team backlog with success measures; ensuring cost effective, viable service.
-Adopted risk based prioritisation; prioritising high risk integrations with Digital Frontend/Rules engine/finance system/DataStore.
-Focused on end-to-end journeys (with other delivery teams through continuous integration/delivery) based on user defined scope with continuous-assessment through iterative demonstrations.
-Openly shared findings across all delivery teams through JIRA/Confluence.
-Continually refined scope, success criteria, common platforms for reuse, budgets and team; inclusively with all stakeholders.
Outcome: Successfully delivered CDS/BSP/MASP programmes/project; establishing development platform/processes with internal/external teams.

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