Discovery Template – User Journeys

End-to-end journeys for users and administrators will be mapped during the evaluation and documented here. The User & Stakeholder research and reviews of technical documentation & the existing service will be used to determine distinct steps in the process. Lean techniques can then be used to optimise process flows before amending the service design and re-implementing the service on new technologies.
We will capture what happens at each step, who performs the step, what technologies and data are involved and identify issues, risks & pain points.
We will establish the number of:

  • Processes.
  • Distinct steps in each process.
  • Roles/actors in each process.
  • Data sources in each process.
  • Technologies in each process.
  • Improvement opportunities for each process.

The PSIT web page holding the UML analysis is here:

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A zip file holding the content of the analysis web page is here: