Discovery Template – Discovery Research

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The Research Appendix captures all of the research activities that are summarised in the Research Section; comprising:

  • Research Sources (A range of existing primary and secondary resources used in the background research to the discovery, such as survey responses and online statistics)
  • Stakeholder Interviews (Interviews conducted with key stakeholders/clients who have an impact on the research, or who the research impacts)
  • User Participants
    • User Interviews (Interviews with end users that allowed qualitative feedback on current methods and ideas for future improvements)
    • Workshops (Meetings where users and stakeholders engaged in discussion and activities on the project)
    • Field Visits (Visits to the client to carry out user research, surveys, interviews etc.)


User Interview 1

Sporting Solutions (Harry & Ben)

  1. Connect international students to US and anyone else to UK; for spirts related courses.
  2. New business is social media and website.
  3. Use big Apps like Facebook & Instagram; develop remainder themselves.
  4. Drive to website through SEO and social media.
  5. Client engagement with students & their families and universities and their staff.
  6. Target new universities through LinkedIn and mailing brochure - doubled partners for 2020 intake.
  7. US client pays. UK university pays.
  8. Haven’t looked at engaging directly with companies doing university sponsorship.
  9. No visibility of new universities.
  10. Only degree level courses.
  11. No direct competition; quite niche.
  12. No plans to venture out into other areas.
  13. Minimal administration - 15%. Mainly written communication; social media & emails.
  14. Have documented workflows and email templates.

User Interview 2

Vintec (Vince)

  1. Make it simple to use.
  2. Drill-down
  3. Multiple searches:
    1. Buy all data from one search, get additional searches with all data at a discount.
  4. Sliders/dials for the apps - make it look good/fun.
  5. Would use it.
  6. Provide historical search data to allow them to tailor their searches.

User Interview 3

Greyhound Racing (Phil)

  1. Tip follower app

Whiteboard Workshop 1

Whiteboard Workshop 2

Whiteboard Workshop 3

Whiteboard Workshop 4