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Terry Beavis | Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Ford’s Content-Management-System was being used inefficiently by non-technical-users.

Our consultant evaluated-the-system/its use; concluding:
•User-Groups spread globally/using system in different-ways

•High-turnover of users-knowledge not retained

•Lack-of-understanding leading to incorrect reporting-of-defects/wasting IT-team’s time.

Our consultant improved effectiveness by:
•Fortnightly review-sessions for heavily-used-features – added to training knowledge-base.

•Video-Product-Demos for new-development; ensuring clear-instructions available.

•Trained key-users across regions to a high-standard to increase knowledge-base(train-the-trainer).

•Feedback from training/product-use used to enhance-product/training.

Ford now have a well-used/popular-system; regions embracing the product. Advocate-Super-Users/Product Owners for ongoing development. ‘Buggy’-perception now gone. IT-focus on enhancements, not supporting existing-version.

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