Demonstrable experience of working with development teams in an Agile delivery setup, creating BDD style User Stories, maintaining and prioritising Product backlog and roadmap with Product Owners

Sam Hardy | Monday, May 22nd, 2017

HMRC required migration from legacy monolith to Microservices solution.

Our team acted as pseudo-Product Owner in Scrum team:

-Created agile backlog from mapped business flows, creating features/user-stories using ‘As a… I want to… so that…’ format.

-Created/refined backlog in JIRA; with supporting flow information in Confluence.

-Created BDD Acceptance Criteria and test scripts for functional and performance/load (non-functional) testing.

-Managed/prioritised product backlog collaborating with product owner; refining prioritisation based on development process and business need.

-Managed deployments using Kanban.

This resulted in new microservices being successfully implemented iteratively providing incremental value to the business.

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