Demonstrable experience in writing acceptance criteria, carrying out acceptance testing to validate technical designs and developments

Sam Hardy | Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Problem: HMRC required more robust user-centric development.

Our team organised acceptance criteria/testing:

-Working with Programme teams to develop agile-backlogs; specifying functional requirements as Epics, Features and User Stories and Non-Functional Requirements as Themes.

-Developed/documented end-state user journeys; establishing appropriate user personas.

-Collaborated with Architects and Lead Developers to refine high-level designs; creating low level designs and developing robust Acceptance Criteria.

-Worked closely with Developers and Testers to design/develop acceptance tests; adopting TDD.

-Represented stakeholders as pseudo Product Owner, ensuring Acceptance Criteria are achieved through rigorous acceptance testing.

This resulted in improved quality of services meeting user requirements.


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