Deliver capability within an existing enterprise governance framework (including pre-existing architecture, engineering practices, CI/CD pipeline and QA approval processes)

Terry Beavis | Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

Our consultants created a new Integration-development capability for HMRC to work on Brexit-critical-Programmes/Projects.

Working within existing Chief Technology Office, Security & Programme-Management governance, we used whitelisted technologies to develop open-source, Cloud-agnostic, MicroService/ESB-based back-end headless-services to be consumed by various project-teams developing end-to-end business services.

We worked with the existing provider of CI/CD-pipeline; iteratively improving the process:

  • Splitting monolithic-deployable artefact into Infrastructure, Platform & Services-model; improving service deployment times from 4-hours to 5-minutes.
  • Introducing Blue/Green deployments – reducing risk & eliminating downtime.
  • Creating HotFix-pipeline to meet 4-hour defect-fix & deployment SLA.

We collaboratively enhanced existing engineering practises, introducing ISO 29119-compliant test-framework; including: data-driven automated testing & SonarQube – significantly reducing defects-in-testing.

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