Data Analytics Platforms and Solution design and development (with NHS or relevant experience)

Sam Hardy | Monday, September 16th, 2019

HEE/NHS had an inefficient interface for Junior Doctor information through TIS/ESR.

Our team designed/developed a data-analytics platform; identifying inconsistent data:

-Created ESR bulk-load process into Neo4j Graph-database.

-Matched data to TIS system values.

-Created standardised queries, using pattern matching, highlighting inconsistencies in ESR data and unexpected/erroneous TIS updates.

-Facilitated user-access to explore/export data for further analysis; based on common criteria including Trust level.

This resulted in:

-Issues highlighted through pattern matching allowed the NHS team to refine their ESR model.

-Users data queries and visualisations in Neo4j reduced responses to business questions and insights from days to seconds. 


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