Stan Lewry

Stan Lewry

Service Architect

Specialisations:   Service Architecture and Strategy    

| Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

As an experienced and insightful Service Architect, effective working in small or large globally distributed teams, or independently, I ensure optimal value creation from complex technology estates at scale. Drawing on my experience as a VIP IT Support Engineer, IT Manager and playing key roles within Service Transformation Programmes, in the most challenging and dynamic technical and operational landscapes. Capable of proving the real-world value of process and policy enhancements iteratively, scaling once proven, collaboratively winning champions for change along the way. Maximising the potential of new technologies and automation to ensure ever improving availability, performance and resilience, cost efficiently and rapidly. ITILv3/v4 practitioner, syncing Waterfall, Agile, DevOps and ITILv3 functions with wider operational rhythms. Keeping one eye on the ground, the other on the horizon, weighing opportunities with risks, breaking down problems, helping to build coherent and optimal strategies. Utilising industry leading ITSM tools, ensuring big picture visibility and optimal decision-making. Whether, responding rapidly or guiding long term programmes, I help organisations ensure the maximum potential from technology and teams through enhanced coordination.

Client summary: National Audit OfficeAstra ZenecaNetwork RailNHSAssala EnergySamsungMicrosoftAgilisysDesignStudioYammerMorgan StanleyBadooPassion PicturesLondon 2012 CeremoniesGlobal BetbrokersHarrods AviationBoff Ltd.
National Audit Office
  • Reporting governance strategy and service model and templates, development and planned
  • Problem management improvement, error trend automated reporting, new error alerting
  • Change management, analysis, process improvement
  • Telecoms strategy review and suggestions
  • User centric strategy review, meaningful lazy person feedback surveys
  • SNOW auto discovery, Asset Management, CMDB, Service Mapping, RACI development
Astra Zeneca
  • Process review across Service Reviews, Monitoring, Reporting and Automation Change Control
  • Mentoring of globally distributed Cross Functional Teams
  • Iterative change Control Strategy proposal and implementation
  • 3rd Party Supplier Management Strategy Reviewed and Redesigned after break downs in relations
  • Dynamic SLA modalities in line with ITILv4 Service Value Chain and SIAM
Network Rail
  • Troubleshooting as Subject Matter Expert on Service Transformation Programme inc. cloud, W10 and ITSM
  • Programme refocused after team overwhelmed by unstructured information from previous consultants
  • Mentoring on ITILv4 Service Value Chain / Agile Service Delivery
  • User cases built on urgent vs important workloads
  • Alignment of Security classifications to SIAM Service Templates with appropriate granularity
  • Staged process maturation, key processes and services to proven stage 4 first
  • Service Architecture Governance Framework
  • Service Data Modelling to limit impact, maximise benefits, prioritised workloads, service profiles
  • ServiceNow data architecture and integration Splunk HLD
  • Creating the relationship defining document for GMSS, GPs and CCGs in the Greater Manchester Area to bring services together and build a clear vision for the future
  • Alignment to Securing Excellence in GP IT Services’ and Digital Maturity Assessments
  • New ITIL processes defined and built into Continual Service Improvement Model
  • Service Architecture Governance revamped after extensive stakeholder consultation
  • CCGs
  • GMSS and CCG finance functions
  • Incident Team Lead and Members
  • Head of GMSS IT
  • Service Delivery Managers
  • Compliance
  • Supplier relations
  • Service Transformation Programme integrated into Forward View
  • Per-service reporting for Incident Management Team
  • Iterative Analysis ITILv4 (Agile Service Delivery) of Problem Management Efficacy
  • CMDB, Service Catalogue, Service Definitions remapped in ServiceNow
  • Costing Models remapped to new portfolio model
  • Legacy, Government Cloud, Standard Offering and Leading-Edge Service Profiles
  • RACI, Key Metrics and Operating Rhythms mapped
Assala Energy
  • Implementing tailored SIAM, ITIL, PRINCE2 an offshoot of Shell
  • 5-year strategy developed in line with funding rounds
  • Scaled framework required for post separation from Shell
  • Governance and focused service improvement and problem management
  • Management and mentoring of managers in UK, US and Gabon
  • Change, Communication, Major Incident, process redefinition in ServiceNow
  • Incident Management process and customised dashboarded developed to meet needs of operations in the jungle
  • Align ETAs to tickets to ensure fastest possible resolution, given distances involved (e.g. 2 day drives)
  • Keep users informed on progress
  • Alert team leads of imminent breaches of SLA/OLA/ETA
  • ITIL Event Management in Solarwinds
  • ITIL hard coded workflows and templates built in SharePoint
  • PRINCE2/PMO Kanban style boards built in SharePoint
  • Service Catalogue, Mapping and Ownership, SIAM bidding
  • Complete Software/hardware discovery through Solarwinds
  • Benchmark reporting and monitoring based service reviews synced to operating rhythms
  • Service transition process developed and implemented
  • ServiceNow London upgrade preparation, testing and implementation
  • RACI per service on both IT and business side for: Microsoft Cloud and SaaS, Databases, Virtualisation, Oil Extraction Machinery Monitoring Software, Geological Analysis Software, HR Systems, Business Process assessment and re-design
  • Rolling contract leading a global programme team of 20+ engineers
  • Leading the Service Transformation Programme for 175 Offices, 45 countries, 8 Datacentres and 30k users
  • Working closely with cross functional, multilocation teams spread over four continents
  • Highly complex environment the result of numerous acquisitions
  • Automated discovery and management of 2k+Network Devices, 3k+ Servers, 6k+ Applications
  • Working with Senior Stakeholders, Directors, Divisional/Departmental/Regional Heads, Engineers, Technical SMEs, Suppliers and Offshore MSPs
  • Leading keystone implementation of Solarwinds and ITIL as part of the Service Improvement Programme
  • Tailored and scaled processes designed and embedded for Reporting, Alerting, Incident, Risk, Capacity, SLA, OLA, Event, Security and Performance Management
  • Same Service Wrapper embedded for Network, Wintel, Cloud, SaaS, Linux, VMware, VoIP, Storage Hardware; Linux and Wintel OS, Web (IIS and Apache) and Microsoft Application Stack
  • Designed and introduced a clear RACI and basic documentation for defined groups and simple policies
  • Simple dashboard IA, designed and built around service owners/company structure/geography, keeping critical information visible at all times
  • Service architectural design including Service data architecture
  • Workloads prioritised urgent/important CMDB, service catalogue, ux, object model, helicopter view for all managers, technical and non-technical
  • Logging, monitoring, data analytics, automation of reporting and incident logging and triage
  • CMMI 4 maturation for one service proven and mapped across all overs rapidly after winning favour
  • Iterative service model design, grading failures and warnings
  • Alert grading review process
  • Documentation for engineers and managers (technical and non-technical)
  • Integration of SolarWinds, WiPro proprietary tools and Remedy
  • CI lifecycle, warrantee, acquisition, warrantee, licence, compliance, inventory built into CMDB
  • Integration of disparate inventories and ITSM tools, decom of SCCM
  • Analysis of data collected via Web services, PowerShell, bash, WinRM, WMI, SNMP, FTP/s, SCP, ODBC, SSL
  • Negotiated prioritisations of metrics warnings and failure alerts
  • Topological Network diagramming
  • Interactive global and regional maps
  • Initial contract to improve processes for network extended to EUC, telephony, back office and datacentres
  • Service Mapping and Ownership defined, manageable SLAs/OLAs negotiated across all back-office tech
  • Continuing service improvement processes working well without interrupting BAU
  • Programme completed on time and continual service management process handed over
  • Managing a team of 5 supporting 3 offices and 2 hosting sites
  • 330+ servers across 2 offices, 2 external sites, Head office with 220+ users, 300+ desktops and laptops
  • Full ITIL framework implemented in fast moving agile environment
  • Second office with over 30 users, 30 developers working from Hungary and around the UK
  • XP, Vista and 7 build design for reliable, highly functional and integrated workstations
  • Security, DR, Backup, User training, effective controls, network management
  • OS, Software and Patch deployment, Remote Support and Audit via LanDesk
  • Conflict resolution, Issue management, continual time/cost saving, run/grow/transform budgeting
  • Selecting 3rd party suppliers for workstations, servers, WAN/LAN, telecom, furniture, cabling, air con
  • Change Management of Integration of Microsoft and Publicis infrastructures following take-overs
  • Document management, process improvement, project/program planning/scheduling, RACI, SOX
  • Metrics, KPIs and SLAs, monitored and refined and aligned to business need, effective efficiencies
  • Liaising with US / Paris / Hungarian / Sister Companies Office Managers, Matrix Management
  • Significant Service Improvement, Took the team with the lowest metrics to the highest in first month
  • Major Incident management of prolonged electrical fires, prioritised services to fit busy environment
  • Trainee scheme, Virtualisation, Extranet, Office move
  • Managing 18 engineers across three teams responsible for all server-based systems
  • ITIL processes defined and implemented, Problem Management, ITIL Roadmap
  • Implementation of Solarwinds
  • ISO27001 and PSN audit completed
  • 3 large scale server migrations to shared private cloud
  • Major incident restoration, Spiceworks implementation, ITIL Roadmap for CGI and brand managing company
  • CMDB, Service Catalogue and Virtualised environment built, for agile social network development team
Morgan Stanley
  • VBA business process optimisation and process managing
  • Supporting an exciting agile online social platform development team, grow from 70m to 100m users
Passion Pictures
  • Oscar winning animation firm, render farm optimised by 30%, new office planning and move in
London 2012 Ceremonies
  • Leading incident, risk and business continuity functions for Danny Boyles team, for a show watched by 1bn
Global Betbrokers
  • Target Operating Model designed and deployed using a bespoke thin client solution. Standard build designed
Harrods Aviation
  • Streamlined IT processes for Stansted and Luton operations, sales, marketing, VIP support and support teams
Boff Ltd.
  • Supporting the likes of Colin Firth, Helen Fielding, Mariella Frostrup, Harry Enfeild, Sam Mendes, Richard Curtis, the UN and over 200 small media agencies in the West End.
  • ITILv4 Foundation, ITSM Zone
  • ITILv3 Release, Control & Validation, Knowledge Academy
  • ITIL v3 Planning, Protection and Optimisation, Knowledge Academy
  • ITIL v3 Service Design, Knowledge Academy
  • ITIL v3 Service Strategy, Knowledge Academy
  • ITIL v3 Foundation, Knowledge Academy
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner, Knowledge Academy
  • Installing and Configuring VMware ESX 3.5, VMware
  • Apple, Mac OS X 10.5 Support Essentials
  • Network Professional Certification, Just IT (Windows 2000 Pro and Server 2000 MCPs, Cisco CCNA, CompTIA A+ Operating Systems, CompTIA A+ Hardware, XP Professional MCP, Novell Netware 5.1)
  • Systems Thinking, Principles and Practice, Open University, Cambridge
  • MPhys Theoretical Physics, University of Essex