Emmerson Miranda

Emmerson Miranda

Architecture/Service Design/Business Analysis/Developer

Specialisations:   Business Analyst     Data Architect     Designer     Developer     Technical Architect    

| Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

Over nineteen years of progressive experience in Software Development including: analysis, design, coding, testing, architecture; detection, prevention and mitigation of threats.
Wide experience with enterprise-level applications and their integration with other systems (IBM DMS, SAP, SIEBEL, ad hoc solutions) using Enterprise Integration Patterns, agnostic approaches based on open source products.
Proactive and results oriented, able to work without close supervision.
Experienced in mentoring and motivating dynamic teams towards outstanding performance through in-depth knowledge of agile software development methodologies.
Effective communicator bridging the business needs to technical teams.
Applied CMMI knowledge, including traceability matrix, to verify project requirements are being met and to determine impact analysis of changes.
Risk management, both business and requirements analysis (functional & non-functional).
Successfully delivered small and large projects.
Expert in Software Architecture patterns and design for both JavaEE and Microsoft .Net platforms (checklist, guidelines, blueprints and reference implementations) as well as software prototyping (POCs).
Ongoing research into cutting-edge technologies and software development trends, tools and methodologies; to provide high quality service.
Excellent experience of automating development processes, including reducing repeatable development tasks; resulting in guaranteed adherence to company standards & best practices and a substantial reduction in integration defects.

Client summary: HMRCatSistemas, S.LNear TechnologiesDifferent roles
HMRC (Nov 15 - Present)
  • Integration/Solutions/Lead Architect
  • Providing technical solution, implementation guidance and supporting multiple teams to build bespoke software in order to deliver complex integration APIs to CDS program (large scale agile programme). The Brexit-critical programme is managed using agile techniques, and spans multiple projects/delivery groups.
  • As a Lead Architect in the Messaging Delivery Group (Middleware/Integration) I have made significant contributions:
  • Architecture
  • Working actively in definition (high and low level design) and implementation of Integration Capability Catalogue.
  • Designing target architectures and roadmaps starting from MVP approach.
  • Creating POCs to demonstrate the viability of new solutions.
  • Designing cloud-agnostic solutions with a reference AWS instance.
  • Evaluating products to fit specific business requirements such as: messaging, middleware and security.
  • Defining versioning strategy for APIs, components, platform and other assets.
  • Defining and implementing common Exception Handling mechanisms.
  • Collaborated to deliver microservices-based architecture, built on top of OSS.
  • Working with wider team to define/implement a consistent hotfix strategy inside CI/CD pipelines.
  • Analyzing current webMethods implementations to migrate towards WSO2 stack.
  • Definition and documenting internal integration patterns as well as complex integration scenarios.
  • Development & Delivery
  • Designing and implementing key solution components and libraries.
  • Defining Low Level Design Templates, Business Analysis Templates and Automated Release Notes.
  • Providing technical designs for new integration challenges and solving issues with existing development work.
  • Designing and implementing bespoke tools to automate and improve development processes using Maven archetypes and plugins.
  • Experience designing, developing and testing APIs; proficient with Swagger and JSON.
  • Technical mentoring and upskilling developers in SOA development techniques focused on WSO2 solutions (WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 ESB, WSO2 DSS, WSO2 MSS) - WSO2 SME for 12 Development Scrum Teams.
  • Decoupling configuration from CAR files, facilitating same CAR artifact deployment across multiple environments providing only different environment configurations.
  • Designing and implementing MSA architectures with Spring, WSO2 MSS, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes and Docker.
  • Migration strategy to migrate from SVN to GIT.
  • Using extreme programing approaches like TDD and Pair Programmin
  • Validation of development delivery via code reviews at low level (Java source code and configuration files) to ensure compliance with technical design documents.
  • Data formats
  • Data transformation formats with XSLT and Smooks (JSON-JSON, JSON-XML, XML-JSON, XML-XML, EDIFACT-XML, SWIFT-XML).
  • Experience working with SWAGGER, JSON Schemes, WSDLs (importing complex XSD dependencies).
  • File transfer
  • Designing, implementing and testing ad-hoc file transfer framework to extend JobScheduler to implement standard solutions to multiple file transfer challenges and deal with AWS and legacy file transfer solutions.
  • QA & Testing
  • Improving development quality applying QA techniques and tools.
  • SonarQube extension to validate best practices in WSO2 XML artifacts (apis, proxies, templates, sequences).
  • Designing and implementing Service Virtualization with Wiremock and SOAPUI.
  • Promotion of Data-driven testing and TDD.
  • Trace events and alerting
  • Low level design and integration inside WSO2 EI/APIM, JobScheduler and microservices.
  • Dealing and unifying understanding about how to trace messages across every distributed component.
  • Trace events and alerting built on top of ELK, Kafka and Sensu.
  • Security
  • Defining remediation plans for vulnerabilities detected by penetration test.
  • Actively working with OWASP Top 10 attack detection, malware detection, encryption in transit and anti-virus detection, authorization using OAUTH tokens.
  • Solution design for secrets management consistently across different products.
  • DevOps
  • •Designing and implementing CI/CD process for distributed solutions with Jenkins+Sonar+Nexus/Artifactory.
  • Improving Ansible playbooks, templates and creation of roles to install brokers in HA (Kafka and ActiveMQ).
  • Full infrastructure migration from cloud-local-providers towards AWS.
atSistemas, S.L (Jan 13 - Oct 15)
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Collaborating making technological proposals for sales pitches and building proof of concepts for demonstrating solutions viability.
  • Agnostic Technical Advisor based on Key Internal Business Guidelines to align IT assets of our customers.
  • Member of technical office for Oracle ADF projects, providing technical mentoring around enterprise projects and actively participating as required.
  • Building applications with OSS, like: Spring, Hibernate, Activiti, jUDDI, jasper reports and others.
  • Improving processes as a best practices evangelizer; applying QA techniques and tools.
  • Evaluating and boosting tools to improve the team performance.
Near Technologies (Jun 11 - Dec 12)
  • Senior Software Architect
  • Libero Architect and Head Architect of AquaCIS SUITE product, composed of six applications.
  • Advisor on Transversal Technical aspects based on Key Internal Business Guidelines to align IT assets.
  • Develop and implement versioning policies and common language in the SUITE products.
  • Elaborating a project portfolio and roadmap to accomplish enterprise business requirements.
  • Establishing SOA guidelines and adoption strategy.
  • Improving production processes of factory software as a best practices evangelizer, with great team acceptance.
  • Establish and align common methodologies and frameworks to improve the learning curve and exchange between team members; increasing productivity.
  • Coordinating the exchange of functionality between Chile & Spain and establishing methodologies for process improvements.
  • Promoter of Quality Assurance team with the objective of reducing and preventing applications faults.
Different roles (Sep 99 - Jun 11)
  • Along these years I worked as a programmer, analyst programmer, team leader, technological advisor for sales pitches and architect; using Java and .Net frameworks for different clients in a wide variety of projects.
  • WSO2 Certified as ESB Developer, Carbon Administrator and API Manager Developer
  • Oracle ADF 11g Certified
  • Scrum Master Certified
  • Sun Certified SCEA 5, SCWCD JEE5, SCJP 5