Practices Agile principles

Sam Hardy | Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

HEE/NHS had poor data synchronisation between TIS/ESR.

Our team leveraged Agile competence:

-Collaborated in Scrum Team migrating data from Azure MySQL to AWS Aurora.

-Included software-stack-upgrade to minimise programme-disruption.

-Responsible for technical briefing to non-technical-business-stakeholders.

-Iterative approach; feeding lessons-learned into development-process.

-Led Agile-Guilds for Software-Development and Integration-Design.

-Continuously updating the Dev Runbook Section to support common issues/resolutions.

-Documented design discussions and decisions on confluence.

-Used sprints in Jira to show what work the team was working on to the wider audience

This resulted in efficient delivery of AWS-based systems in conjunction with DevOps; leveraging high-availability/resilience/auto-scaling and CI/CD.

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