Case Study: HMRC Messaging Delivery Group Agile Adoption

Sam Hardy | Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

HMRC required a new agile team to provide integration services for new HMRC Digital Services.

Our consultants:

Created a multi-disciplinary Scrum Team comprising: a Scrum Master, a Technical Business Analyst (acting as pseudo-Product Owner), a Lead Developer, two Senior Developers and an Automated Tester.
Created an Agile Backlog (leveraging JIRA) in conjunction with the wider Customs Declaration Service Programme team to operate in a Scaled Agile Framework environment.
Setup Scrum ceremonies (Daily Stand-up, Backlog Refinement, Sprint Planning, Show-and-Tells, Retrospectives) to develop Digital Services inline with Programme/Corporate objectives.
Provided Architectural and DevOps support; adding governance through JIRA workflows.
Standardised software development using Maven.
Enforced coding best practises using SonarQube.
Adopted a Test Driven Approach, automating functional testing using SOAP-UI and non-functional testing using JMeter.
Created a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery system using Jenkins pipelines.
Scaled the team to encompass multiple teams across multiple programmes:
Customs Declaration Service – eight Scrum Teams.
Border Systems Programme – three Scrum Teams.
Multi Annual Strategic Plan – one Scrum Team.
Improved efficiency through Lean techniques and adopting templating for Features/User Stories in JIRA.
Provided agile estimates for programme/project planning.
Led integration of legacy, COTS and bespoke systems in multi-vendor environment.

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