Ability to mobilise relevant expertise quickly

Sam Hardy | Friday, June 16th, 2017

HMRC required a flexible workforce to work on multiple data-centric Brexit-critical programmes.
Our team were responsible for ensuring the correct expertise was available at all times for all programmes:
-Collaboratively worked with internal team to plan programmes (£250M+); agreeing timelines, deliverables and resource plans.
-Managed 100+ resources across 10+ value streams.
-Flexed teams up/down as agreed with client - up to 12 Scrum Development teams, Architectural and DevOps teams.
-Created bespoke recruitment process, augmenting existing team within 2 week SLA.
This resulted in:
-100+ affiliates available.
-Reducing cost per deliverable by 50% compared to incumbent.
-200% improvement in retention.
-10+ civil servants trained/mentored to promotion.

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