Ability to deliver high quality work to a fixed timeline and budget

Sam Hardy | Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Our team has a proven track record of completing time/budget limited HMRC Projects; utilising Scrum/Kanban/Lean and Agile methodologies:
-Customs Declaration Service infrastructure migration from Fujitsu Private Cloud to AWS; including Operating System/Software version upgrades; Alpha phase eight weeks.
-Border Systems Programme (8 Projects): resolved multiple cross dependencies; unknown overlaps; gaps/conflicts; Discovery phase four weeks.
-Multi Annual Strategic Plan (MASP): Cloud enabled EU data system ensuring new data format/delivery mechanism from EU; incorporated into HMRC legacy systems; Alpha phase eight weeks.
For each project we:
-Conducted secondary user research reviewing available documentation/primary user research through workshops/interviews; resolving conflicts/managing stakeholder expectations.
-Identified user journeys/user personas; ‘as-is’ & options for ‘to-be’ architectures (logical/physical); high level Alpha stage Backlog/Roadmap.
-Modelled source/target data models for API designs. Challenged other delivery groups on their data definitions. Constructed validating schemas in Json/XSD. Wrote mapping documents/transformation scripts (XML to XML/XML to Json/Json to XML/Json to Json) for APIs.
-Challenged status quo, championing ‘we can do better’ approach; incorporating continuous user feedback from non technical stakeholders; implementing lean techniques; optimising process flows.
-Collaborated in open/transparent manner following client’s high level briefing; presenting reasoned/costed options/recommendations.
-Continued all projects through Discovery/Alpha/Beta phases to live service; incorporating hand over to service management/permanent team through training/mentoring.

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